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#12 Must Watch: Street concert

▶️ Here’s another inspiring TV commercial from Thailand, this time with a troubled schoolboy who raises money (=collect donations) for his mother’s cancer treatment.

👉@afandi_english👈 #must_watch
Видео/гифка, 232 сек, Thai Commercial - Street concert (low res).mp4
#91 Afandi Quiz: Which country?

▶️ Here is a mysterious picture from a mysterious country.

👉@afandi_english👈 #picture_quiz
Видео/гифка, 2 сек, doc_2022-07-04_21-33-48 nasiba.mp4
Видео/гифка, 3 сек, doc_2022-07-04_21-12-57 ihtiyor.mp4
Tabriklations to Doniyorbek S.!!! 🥳🥳🥳

And thanks to our designers for today - Abdulloh, Ihtiyor and Nasiba! 🙏🙏🙏
#102 Spot Afandi and his donkey: Afandi getting started in India

❓ Can you spot Afandi in this picture?

❗️ You might be the lucky winner of 5,000 Paynet-soums!

❓ How? Spot Afandi, mark him in the picture and send it to @jochenho. The time limit is 30 minutes. Not sure what Afandi looks like? Check the pinned message above!

🆕 If you win you have 30 minutes to claim your prize. If you don’t we’ll find another winner!

👉@afandi_english👈 #spot_afandi
❗️We're going to spot Afandi in 🇮🇳India today! Tune in at 9pm! 😎
#38 Movie Time: The Wave (2008)

▶️ Today’s movie is a 🇩🇪German drama about a high school teacher who starts an experiment in his history class in order to teach students about the political system of autocracy (=opposite of democracy). See how things get more and more serious and end in a disaster. The film is based on the true story of an American teacher who ran a similar social experiment with his students.

🔤 Subtitles provided.

👉@afandi_english👈 #movie #european_films
Видео/гифка, 6144 сек, Die Welle (2008) with subs.mp4
#12 World Food: Šaltibarščiai from 🇱🇹Lituania

▶️ Here’s a cold soup that helps you stay cool in the summer – super easy to make and healthy, too! The shocking pink colour comes from beetroot (dark red) and sour cream (white). It is …

... made with:
Beetroot (=red root vegetable), cucumbers, sour cream, boiled eggs, green onions, dill (=a herb commonly used in Northern and Eastern European as well as Iranian cuisines), vegetable or chicken broth (=clear soup), lemon juice.

... eaten with:
Boiled potatoes.

Healthy or not? 🟢
Easy to make? 🟢
Cheap enough? 🟢

👉@afandi_english👈 #world_food
#2 Correct me if you can

🆕 On Afandi English we’ve had an awful lot of (=terribly many) favourite mistakes in the past 2+ years and we’re far from done with them. But in order to really eliminate (=kill off, make sth disappear) these mistakes we need some practice. So in this new series of posts you will be given a faulty (=containing mistakes) sentence to correct.

▶️ Please find the mistake in the following sentence:

I’m very sorry, I have no any money.

👉@afandi_english👈 #mistakes #correct

💡 Saunas in Latvia are not sleazy (=cheap and dirty, esp. relating to sex) places where women entertain men. After all, the country isn’t too far from Russia and Finland, two real sauna-loving nations.

💡 There’s an interesting North-South divide when it comes to nudity (=being naked) in public saunas. Southerners are much more prudish (=easily shocked by sth relating to sex, treating sex as a taboo) than Northerners, not only in Europe but also in Central Asia and even in East Asia. Scandinavians, Germans and the Dutch go naked while the French, Italians and Spaniards don’t. Similarly, Kyrgyz and Kazakhs go naked while Uzbeks and Tajiks don’t. And yet similarly, Koreans, Japanese and Northern Chinese go naked while Southern Chinese and Vietnamese don’t. Does anyone know why?
#90 Afandi Quiz: Cultural Misunderstanding

Today’s quiz is about a cultural misunderstanding in the following situation:

▶️ Burak is a student from 🇹🇷Turkey studying in Riga, 🇱🇻Latvia. Apart from a couple of strange traditions and food he is mostly cool with Latvian culture but the one day that his local friend Peteris took him to the sauna he felt very uneasy (=uncomfortable).

👉@afandi_english👈 #culture_quiz
#33 Tongue twister: Sleepy sheep

❗️Challenge yourself with this tongue twister:

▶️ These sheep shouldn’t sleep in a shack. Sheep should sleep in a shed.

Bu qo‘ylar kulbada uxlamasligi kerak. Qo'ylar omborxonada uxlashlari kerak.

🔘 Fluency and accuracy: Tongue twisters force you to pay more attention to correct pronunciation, while at the same time trying to speak fast. Keep practicing them until your both fluent and accurate, it’ll benefit your speaking skill!

👉@afandi_english👈 #tongue_twisters
#12 Documentary: God Grew Tired Of Us (2006)

▶️🇸🇩Sudan was the biggest country of Africa until 2011 when 🇸🇸South Sudan became the world’s youngest nation which it still is today. Prior to (=before) South Sudanese independence there were decades of bloody conflict between the stronger Arab North and the Black Christian and Animist (=nature religions) tribes in the South. At some point the 🇺🇸United States agreed to resettle (=make sb live somewhere else) some “Lost Boys” who had lost their homes and families and escaped. Watch how they cope a mixture of appreciation and proper culture shock, the latter (=the last mentioned one) producing many funny moments actually.

👉@afandi_english👈 #documentary
Видео/гифка, 5319 сек, God_Grew_Tired_of_Us_The_Lost_Boys_of_Sudan_Award_Winning_Documentary.mp4
Видео/гифка, 256 сек, Minimalism_Why_You_Should_Be_Ashamed_If_You_Own_Things_360p.mp4
Видео/гифка, 258 сек, Ultra_Spiritual_Life_#34_How_To_Take_Yoga_Photos_For_Instagram_1.mp4

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