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Herd Ventures Announcements

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Investing in the leaders building the Open Economy.

Web: https://www.herd-ventures.com/
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Herdventures

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12th airdrop of Affyn (5.55%) has been airdropped on Polygon network ✅
🔥 1
Join the KuCoin AMA with ParallelChain, $2,000 in XPLL to Give Away!

⏰ Date: 12:00 PM on June 8, 2023 (UTC)
📍 AMA Venue: https://t.me/Kucoin_Exchange

🎉 Pre-AMA Campaign: $1,000 in XPLL (100 winners)
Complete tasks on Gleam for a chance to win $10 in XPLL!
👉 https://gleam.io/0ZQTU/kucoin-preama-activity-parallelchain-complete-tasks-for-a-chance-to-win-10-in-xpll-

🗣 Free-ask section: $50 in XPLL (5 winners)
Send the question you want answered to win!

🤑 Flash mini-game: $400 in XPLL (40 winners)
Stay tuned for more fun activities and rewards after the AMA session!

📝 Learn & Earn Activity: $550 in XPLL (55 winners)
A recap will be published after the event. Read its content and write all the correct answers in the quiz form.

🔖 The rewards will be calculated on the 7-day average price of XPLL on KuCoin Exchange.

Sign up on KuCoin to receive the rewards.

🔥 3
Earn Guild $EARN 12th Airdrop of 5% completed on BSC ✅
75% distributed now.
In case you missed it:

💥Acta Finance triumphs in Launch Phase 1 with TGE success, ActaFi Vesting Portal, and wNFTs. Phase 2 brings revolutionary ActaFi Referral Program and Address Milestones.🚀

📖Read more details here👇

Twitter Link👇

- NomadLand $NOMAD 5th airdrop completed on the BSC ✅
100% distributed now.

- 10th airdrop of Affyn (5.55%) has been airdropped on Polygon network ✅
This makes it 33%+9*5.55% = 82.95% so far. The remaining will be distributed on the 15th of next 3 months, 5.55% at a time.

- Third airdrop for Chainport $PORTX (10.9%) completed on Polygon network ✅
37.55% distributed so far.

- Earn Guild $EARN 11th Airdrop of 10% completed on BSC ✅
70% distributed now.
Acta Finance investors can connect their wallets and see their allocations here:

Please vote and push acta finance closer to listing:

🔥Acta Finance DAO Maker Vote Bribes Tutorial Out Now! 🔥

We’re pleased to present our tutorial on how to vote $ACTA to list on the most prestigious launchpad in the world–DAO Maker!

Voting is live from 12 pm UTC on May 5th until Friday, May 12thTIME SENSITIVE!

📺 Watch Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHw7RTpvlpA

Every vote gets $ACTA closer to listing so check out the tutorial and then VOTE👇:

Share the news now on Twitter👇

Full details here 👇:


Acta Finance has been selected for DAO Maker's Vote Bribes process! 🎉🔥

Want $ACTA to list on #DAOMaker?
This is your chance to make it a reality! ✨

Today, until May 12th you have the power to vote Acta Finance's listing to the largest on-chain launchpad in the world!✅⚡️

Their inclusion of Acta Finance in the Vote Bribes process signifies their faith in our cutting-edge #DeFi platform and is a monumental opportunity for us to gain traction and reach new heights. 🚀🤝

Full details here 👇:
"We are very excited to announce that Acta Finance has officially TGE’d and is live on mainnet with our Vesting Portal & limited wNFTs available for pre-sale investors to secure in advance of our listing– details of which will be shared later this month!

🫂 For your ease of understanding and sharing the announcement in your own communities here is our Official Telegram Announcement:

🐦 The Twitter Link for Likes/RT/Comments:

✍️ Our Medium Article with full details including our Launch Roadmap:

📺 And our short Vesting Tutorial video to educate your community on the portal & how to secure limited wNFTs with high APYs of 25% & 35% in advance of listing:

🗓 The next month will be full of action, excitement, and a lot of incredible news. We’d like to thank you in advance for your attentiveness, responsiveness, and support as we move toward listing with Acta Non Verba- Deeds Not Words!"


If you haven't already, please fill in the attached form to submit your wallet address for ParallelChain:
👍 3

HI everyone. Please fill in the attached form to submit your wallet address for ParallelChain:
👍 7

Just a quick reminder that we will start collection of Parallelchain wallet addresses today. If you have invested in Parallelchain through us or bought it in OTC room, make sure you have a wallet address ready. Here's a guide how to set it up: https://parallelchain.io/company/newsroom/explorer-account-tutorial

Another request is to inform your friends and acquaintances you know need to provide wallet address to us. Thank you.
👍 4

9th airdrop of Affyn (5.55%) has been airdropped on Polygon network ✅

This makes it 33%+8*5.55% = 77.4% so far. The remaining will be distributed on the 15th of next 4 months, 5.55% at a time.
Second airdrop for Chainport $PORTX (16.65%) completed on Polygon network ✅

If you get tokens slightly less than the mentioned percentage, it is because there is a small percentage of tax on every transaction. The delay in distribution was also because of this reason. We were trying to negotiate whitelisting our 40+ investors wallets from the tax but unfortunately could not. Thank you for your patience.
To those who have invested in Parallelchain, there is no rush regarding collection of your wallet addresses right now.

Please sit tight and stay patient. We will let you know.
👍 13
Seventh airdrop of Affyn (5.5%) has been airdropped on Polygon network ✅

The remaining will be distributed on the 15th of each month, 5.55% at a time.
Earn Guild $EARN 10th Airdrop of 5% completed on BSC ✅
60% distributed. The remaining will be distributed 5% monthly over the next 8 months.

Cowboy Snakes $COWS 10th Airdrop of 6% completed on BSC ✅
68% distributed so far now.
Sixth airdrop of Affyn (5.5%) has been airdropped on Polygon network ✅

The remaining will be distributed on the 15th of each month, 5.55% at a time.
Our thoughts and prayers go out for all the people of Turkey and Syria. Really terrifying scenes coming out from the aftermath of the Earthquakes.

We request everyone from the Herd Community to donate or help the affected any way they can in their own capacity. Every small donation, every little prayer, every word of compassion matters.

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