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‼️🇺🇸 The state governor confirmed that the shooter was 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a student at the local high school

In addition to killing children and a teacher, he wounded his grandmother.

Shark of reportage | NEWS
‼️🇺🇸 The death toll in the shooting has risen to 15

14 school students and 1 teacher were killed — Texas governor

Shark of reportage | NEWS
‼️ 🇺🇸A photo and the identity of the shooter who killed 14 people at a school in Texas is spreading online

His name is said to be Salvador Ramos. On his Instagram, he posted a photo with a machine gun.

The information is being verified

The shooter was killed by police officers

Shark of reportage | NEWS
🇺🇸 😂 The White House dismissed Biden's threats to "go to war with China over Taiwan if necessary"

Biden's bellicose statement that the United States would defend Taiwan militarily in the event of an attempted Chinese invasion was either "overlooked" by the president's administration or blatantly unwilling to pretend to have heard the American president. According to Politico, this is the only way to explain the comments on this issue.

"As the president said, our policy has not changed. He reaffirmed our one-China policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait," the publication quoted a White House official as saying.

By the way, in response to Biden's bellicose passage, Beijing reacted instantly: a Foreign Ministry official protested to the U.S. by warning that China "will take decisive action to defend its sovereignty and security interests."

Ha-ha-ha, even his own administration are disowning him. What an asshole he is 🤦🏻‍♂️

Shark of reportage | NEWS
Видео/гифка, 1 сек, 678.gif.mp4
‼️🇺🇸 There were 14 victims of a school shooting in Texas, including several children — ABC

Shark of reportage | NEWS
‼️ 🇺🇸 2 children were killed, several were wounded, including an adult following

The Uvalde Police Department said the shooter was apprehended at Robb Elementary School

Shark of reportage | NEWS
‼️🇺🇸 In Uvalde, shooting at an elementary school

Many people was injured

Shark of reportage | NEWS
Видео/гифка, 9 сек, IMG_4201.MP4
🦆 A duck builds a nest on top every year
of a giant pile of wood chips — a 100lv. ingenuity

The wood chips are needed for the university power plant, and there are so many that the pile is probably five or seven meters high. The duck turned out to be so smart that it memorized the pile and flies here every year to lay its eggs.

The students, so as not to endanger it or the eggs cut the pile in a circle — they can use the rest when the duckling has ducklings.

And maybe goslings by the way, because someone thinks this cutie is a goose. But I think it's a duck, though it might be a goose. Anyway, a bird! 😂

Shark of reportage | NEWS
🇬🇧 The British media published new photos from Boris Johnson's party, taken in November 2020 — at the height of the lockdown. The prime minister toasts without a mask in the company of his comrades-in-arms

On the table are two bottles of sparkling wine, four bottles of wine and half a bottle of gin, ITV News counted. "At the time, meetings with people outside the family were forbidden. The photos cast doubt on Johnson's claims that he was unaware of rule violations on Downing Street during the pandemic. Why didn't the police fine him?" - writes the publication.

Earlier, another photo of the "covid party" at the government residence on December 15, 2020 was published by the Mirror. Alcohol and Johnson were also present there (last photo).

Simon Keyes, the British Cabinet Secretary, may be fired for the scandal. There is a possibility that, according to the Guardian, Johnson will hold him responsible for the "culture of drinking at work."

Johnson must now throw a monkey party 😄

Shark of reportage | NEWS
😄 Remember that doll convulsing as if it had been electrocuted? Well, they can still talk

1️⃣ Dentistry students first interrogate the robot as if it were a real person before they go into the robot's mouth. The robot answers and talks about its pain. But only adult Pediaroids (that's what they're called) know how to do that.

2️⃣ Pediaroids babies are dumber - they just shake, twist their heads, open their jaws, move their arms and legs. In general, just like in life. They play the nasty, cranky baby.

A new level of cringe 😲😅

Shark of reportage | NEWS
Видео/гифка, 41 сек, A_New_Dental_Training_Option_for_this_Covid_Era_alternative_for.mp4
🔥🚙 In Vancouver, a Tesla blocked the driver in the cabin during a fire

It was preceded by smoke and then a fire. It happened so fast that the motorist did not have time to open the doors, and the Tesla's brain apparently shut down completely, and it locked the doors.

Fortunately, the driver was smart. He broke the windows and got out.

What am I supposed to do now? Oh yeah, I don't have a Tesla

Shark of reportage | NEWS
Видео/гифка, 4 сек, video_2022-05-24_10-51-02.mp4
🇺🇦 🇷🇺 The dog went over to the side of Ukraine

-What do you know about deserters?
-They're real dogs!

Meet this handsome fellow, his name is Max, and he is said to now serve in the Ukrainian army, though he came here with Russian soldiers. Why?

He was left at the positions by the Russian soldiers for some reason, and when the Ukrainians came in, they immediately took him over.

The dog was fed, and the special services had an explanatory talk with him. Okay, they just fed him 😁

Shark of reportage | NEWS
🤦🏻‍♂️ 🇺🇸🇨🇳 Biden announces U.S. readiness, if necessary, to enter into a military conflict with China to defend Taiwan

At the press conference following his visit to Japan, journalists asked the head of the White House if, in view of the conflict in Ukraine, the US administration needed to show resolve in the "Taiwan issue" and let China know that Washington intended to defend Taiwan not only diplomatically but was also ready to "pull out some guns" if necessary. To which Biden replied in the affirmative.

"Yes, we are ready. We'll do it, rest assured" — the old devil Biden

Continuing the theme, Biden added that with his visit to Asia, he intended to demonstrate U.S. readiness to confront Russia and China around the world.

Has he gone completely insane? I don't fucking understand Joe "the President" Biden, are you crazy?

Shark of reportage | NEWS

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